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'Masters of Mellow'

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Pictures and Information courtesy of Masters of Mellow

The Band Members from left to right are:-

Ady Howard - Keyboards

Don Sanders - Vocals

Chris Warriner - Vocals and Acoustic Guitar

Bob Bettsworth - Vocals and Acoustic Guitar

Sometimes a venue needs live music that's different from the normal full on power band presentation.

Sometimes a mellower approach is required, music to sing along to or to just chill to.

Music which is driven by high quality musicianship and tight harmony, not the volume switch.

Masters of Mellow fill this bill with a wide range of material, from the sometimes haunting tunes of

Simon and Garfunkel, the finger-picking punch of country music, to the classics of Bob Dylan,

Mark Knopfler,James Taylor, Ricky Nelson, Don McLean to name but a few.

Add to these a bunch of home grown numbers, and the audience can expect to enjoy a mix of songs

which trigger fond memories, or create them.

The band has three permanent members :- Bob Bettsworth , Don Sanders and Ady Howard.

Bob is the band's organiser, acoustic guitarist, and vocalist. He started his performing career in the early

60's as a member of a folk group and stayed with folk music, with a little acoustic blues,

until the mid 80's at which point he decided

that it was time he got to play a lot of the music that had been going on around him for so long.

He also penned the 'home grown' items in the song list.

Don is the band's prime vocalist, taking the lead wherever his smooth Castleford/Glasgow

tinted voice hit's the spot. He's been singing in public for over ten years, but has much more public

performance experience, having for many years been a professional bingo caller.

His favourite music is country and western, and his influence on the song list is considerable.

Ady - the baby of the band - is the band's keyboard (and stompbox) specialist.

He is classically trained, and a qualified teacher, and has a vast range of musical styles under his belt.

He spent quite a few years as backing keyboards player in pubs and clubs, which brought him

into contact with all kinds of music. He is also , as a complete contrast, a church organist,

so he's always got at least one gig per week !

The band has a frequent fourth member  Chris Warriner  who was part of an earlier band of Bob's

and who provides extra vocals and guitar, especially when more upbeat material is planned

special events. he band's gigs are more often than not private parties,

be it Birthdays, Retirements, Wedding Anniversaries, or very often Garden Parties or Barbecues,

but they are also regular performers at local pubs, which gives the general public access to their music.



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